Storm{O} is an Italian four-piece band that formed in 2005.

The group is based in Feltre (Belluno) and their name is derived from the mingle of a dark storm and the word for a flock of black birds, stormo, in Italian. This imaginary union is graphically described by the two brackets that represent the flock of birds, and the letter “o” between the two brackets, representing a drop.

Hardcore screamed in their native language, narrow mathematical passages and runaway emotional explosions give shape to an unconventional and somehow unique music.

Aside from the main Italian cities, during its activity the band has toured in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia.

They played more than 150 shows sharing the stage with bands such as: La Dispute, Suis La Lune, Unsane, Big Business, Bane, More Than Life, Celeste, Goodtime Boys, Cruel Hand, Rotting Out, Year Of No Light, Zu, Unida, Spirit Caravan, Ramesses, Orthodox, Ben Frost, KEN Mode, Unkind, Ruined Families, The Tidal Sleep, Jungbluth, Raein and Nero Di Marte.

Luca Rocco: Vocals    -    Federico Trimeri: Bass    -    Giacomo Rento: Guitars    -    Gabriele Coldepin: Drums







Date City Venue Country
11/07/15 Milano Ligera Italy
Time: 21:00. w/ Tempest (CAN), Wwounds
12/09/15 Costa Masnaga Lo Chalet – Rock Pub Italy
Time: 21:00. w/ Young Blood


Past Shows









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